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This blog will focus on general areas of mental health and wellness. 


Building a Solid Foundation: Sleep

Lindsey Harcus, Psy.D.

In the second entry of the Building a Solid Foundation blog series, we will review the importance of sleep in maintaining mental wellness and reducing vulnerability to stress. Research has shown that healthy sleep habits can improve cognition, mental well-being and alertness[i]. Although in the past the common belief was that sleep disturbance was solely a symptom of mental illness, recent studies have suggested that sleep can also contribute to and put people at higher risk for the development of a mental health disorder[ii]. While we are still learning more about how sleep impacts us overall, it has been found that treating underlying sleep disturbance can also function to improve other symptoms of mental health disorders, decrease risk of developing mental illness and create a mental resilience to stress.

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Building a Solid Foundation: Nutrition

Lindsey Harcus, Psy.D.

There are an increasing amount of stressors that we manage on a day-to-day basis. This can be especially true for adolescents and young adults, due to the many life decisions and transitions surrounding education, employment and building independence. Luckily, there are concrete things that we can do to reduce our vulnerability to stress and manage stressors more effectively when they arise.

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